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The KhoeKhoe Saga Africani in Concert Blood OnOur Hands
Benigna Kalahari Kitchen Hunters and Herders
Tribal Affairs Khoe Korana Africani in Concert Mutiny on the Meermin
  Cultural Projects
All projects, with some exeptions are falling under ONE umbrella, serving one purpose namely ... Southern African CULTURE.

The exceptions are: "The Mentor" and "The Gatekeeper", their main focus is on Busines & Education
  • Series Documentary
  • Historical Documentary Feature
  • Mini Series
  • Talk Show
  • Reality Show
  • Performing Arts
  • Fashion
It is our endeavour and aim to make people globally known that South Africa’s indigenous and traditional people are present and actively committed in building equality, peace and unity within their various communities

The Producer spent close to 10 years on visiting historical places, collecting related information, participates in Khoekhoe, Bushmen and traditional events, chief and royalty gatherings, is member of indigenous and tribal councils, attends progressive conferences, provides media and logistics support to defined tribes …

The Mentor The Gatekeeper Hottentot Autumn
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