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Hunters and Herders  
Working Title: Hunters and Herders

Reality 52 Minutes

Tag Line Back to Nature

Log Line Tribal Cuisine, Arts & Ancient Rituals

Director Mark Kaplan

Synopsis This is a journey to the various
destinations, tribes and clans of Southern Africa getting to know their way of early survival by means of hunting and collecting plants and other edibles from the field; finally ending up on the Master Chef’s table.

Prayers, praises and ancient rituals while dusk is approaching, initiated by the sun setting in the Bushveld, desert or along the seashore. Adding to it the silhouette-like dancers around the fire place at the lapa make the dinner prepared by a Master Chef a real feast. The fun starts when people in a loincloth and “dressed-up” invited dinner guests, sitting around the table, are carried away in talks.

This is the time for story telling underlined by the sound of a distant past and tunes from the Mamokhorong, Ramkie, Gorah, Drums and Calabash made instruments.

The team will be travelling to numerous destinations within Botswana, Namibia and South Africa; through semi dessert, mountains, lush country sites and bush veldt not to forget the endless stretch along the sea shore.

There will be terrain only penetrable by 4x4 vehicles. Along deserted diamond fields and water dams, sacred places, climbing mountains and bridging gaps within; with much game to be encountered along our journey.

Fishing along sea shores opens up to have Perlemoen otherwise known as Abalone, Periwinkle, Alikreukel a giant version of Periwinkle, Crayfish and all types of different fish on our dinner plate and of cause sea weed, to prepare a delicious sea weed soup.

We will be meeting and engaging with leaders of indigenous and traditional customary structures, with Sangomas, Herbalists, Bushmen and Spiritual Healers

... exposing the Dark Continent
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