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The Mentor  

REALITY < n > x 52 minutes
Tag Line Biz Portal, from Legacy to Digital
Log Line Join the Cloud: Secure Business Transactions on the spot through Cloud Empowerment
Audience Age 16 - 40
Director Rudolf Rieger

Synopsis: With The Gatekeeper, becoming a web portal, and some business applications the viewer will be taken on a journey of discovery on the quantum leap from legacy to digital migration into cloud processing.

They witness the transformation from legacy software into cloud compatible applications to be executed on their mobile and other electronic devices.

The essence of the work will be viewed on weekly TV episodes by using animated characters as developers with the main character the gatekeeper and for each Back Office application a project leader with the right formation of soldiers (programmers) for each project.

The idea is that the viewer will be encouraged to participate.

Note: For close to 2 decades all examination papers for lower education of a Southern African country are accessed with carmasoft's complex security and audit software, halfway trough the 2nd decade ... however, in legacy format.

Entertainment and Education through Animation

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