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Kalahari Kitchen  

A journey of discovering our first kitchens and a taste of original Khoikhoi cuisine. You never know what’s for dinner.

REALITY SHOW 48 minutes
Director: Johann Abrahams

In this unusual cooking show we follow Kim Engelbrecht and top chef Reuben Riffel as they trade the comforts of the city to travel to far flung Khoikhoi communities. Here they engage with the elders of these tribes unlocking ancient knowledge about the land and its pantry filled small game, edible bulbs, roots, herbs and berries used in Khoikhoi cuisine.

Their journey starts in the Ghanzi district in Botswana and home of the Nharo. The landscape is breathtaking and the people friendly.

Kim tells us that this is the cradle of the Khoekhoe. Modern historians believe that it is from here that the great migration started which ended at the pasture rich South Western Cape. There is a strong link with the languages spoken by the Cape Khoikhoi tribes and the culture is similar.

Kim and Reuben learn to gather and hunt. Our city slickers follow the women as they search for edible bulbs and plants. They learn the sustainable way of harvesting the roots of now endangered bulbs. After that the fun begins and the hunt is on when the men spend hours setting traps or hunt down a porcupine. It is hot and for the thirst there is plenty of nourishment if you know where to look.

Late in the day before the sun sets, the "Taras" - the matriarch - of the kraal teaches Reuben the art of Khoekhoei cuisine. Reuben is a fast learner, and with the help of Kim, under the watchful eye of a 'taras', prepare a splendid dish, using traditional pots and cooking methods.

Travelling towards the West from Botswana crossing the border to Namibia then South into South Africa, new destinations with breathtaking scenery, tribal encounters, vegetation and game make the journey an ever delightful and fascinating adventure.
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