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Tribal Affairs  

Director Mark Kaplan

Co-Director Rudolf Rieger

Genre Series Documentary 90 Minutes

Tag Line Ancient Rituals, Enchanting Culture and Heritage

Log Line This is the year 2017; a snapshot of the current live of the Khoe and Bushman people of Southern Africa, portraying reflections of Khoe structures, art, culture and heritage

While travelling to the various destinations of the homes of Khoe and San decedents, chiefs, royalties, head-men and –women to capture ancient rituals, folklore, arts and heritage places, listening to half forgotten stories and tracing their social structures in remote places of Southern Africa, our film unit follows us on every step on the way.

The primary purpose for the journey is the finalization of a cultural guide on the current status of Khoe and San people of Southern Africa. Documented in story and film format this is what every culturally interested enthusiast in current affairs and live of the decedents of the KhoeKhoe and San people, or Hottentots and Bushmen, the way the colonialists called them when stepping onto South African soil, will be asking for.

Rudolf Rieger spent more than ten years on visiting historical places, collecting related information, participates in Khoekhoe, Bushmen and other traditional events, chief and royalty gatherings, is member of indigenous and tribal councils, attends progressive conferences, is identifying participants and venues in photographs and audio recordings …

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