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Tribal Affairs

Director Johann Abrahams

Co-Director Rudolf Rieger

Genre Factual Feature Ducumentary
90 Minutes

Tag Line Art takes it course

Log Line Transforming Forces Changing Men

Audience 10 - ∞
Synopsis       Three artists claiming to be decedents of the semi-forgotten Hottentot and Bushman Nation, their collective name given by scientists, “Khoesan” or “Khoisan”.

The impact of constructive art has on society is shown when following a lifetime of our expelled characters metamorphosing into idols of their community, artists of “life” forming objects and men.

Lavender Hill, suburban to Cape Town, in the extreme south of the African continent, the Cape of Good Hope, is crime ridden with a detrimental effect on its children and hence the future of its community. This location could be anywhere on our globe, children growing up with no future painted on the horizon, lost and expelled growing into another life of drugs and violence between rivalling gangs.

If only men could window the world heading towards positive creativity like these characters do for their community, the world would change to a life worth living.

... eradicating dark forces

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