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Africani in Concert  
AFRICANI in Concert

OPEN AIR FESTIVAL, Directed by: Rudolf Rieger
The Arts + Cuisine + Fashion

The Face of Africa ……

With its abundance of space and tranquillity, unpredictable and spontaneous encounters and … beauty

Where heart-warming people of many cultures invite you into their life as you go along under blue skies with the sun prickling under your skin

Where exchanging thoughts with the descendents of the Bushmen and the Khoekhoe take you back into history thousand and thousand of years

Where Sangomas present you with riddles and tribal Herbalists are the guardians of ancient recipes

Where culture portrays Indigenous, African, Indian and Malay traditions and dancers enchant with their rhythm and musicians with their diversity of sound creations

Where the feeling of myth and magic is following you with every step while wandering through flower fields and caves surrounded by its legacy, along deserted land and on beaches where history mingles with the present along the lines of diamonds, gold and healing crystals

Where the earth vibrates to the sound of roaring thunder from the vast animal kingdom and the air dances to the music of celebrating birds

Where tingling spices flavour the dish of an exotic meal

Where the southern point of Africa is the land of the cradle of human kind

Where, at night, the blanket is made by the stars covering your body; that is how close you feel connected to the universe
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