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The Mentor  

REALITY 52 minutes
Tag Line Focussed – Positioned ‐ Confident
Log Line Entertainment, challenges, creativity, suspense and solutions within a mixed crowd of entrepreneurial ambassadors
Audience Age 18 - ∞
Director Rudolf Rieger
Synopsis: Mentoring today is a necessity and not only for start-ups; in fact there is no limit set to engage in the process regardless for how long a business has been established already.

The Host of the program is the Mentor; however a Presenter will be guiding and timing the progress. Participating parties are a group of 3-4 Mentees and 1-2 marketing professionals, which professionals representing a corporate sponsor.

Locations are not studios but studio fitted places, e.g., in hotels such as their King Suites or other accommodations the hotel would like to promote, banks, corporate companies, all marketing conscious businesses.

Motivation: Our basic needs for knowledge are covered by the various curriculums in our educational systems forming the foundation for our future. To establish ourselves in the business world we have to be equipped with skills studies and training. Finding employment is the next step.

And if we can’t find suitable employment, the dream job, what then?

More and more skilled people are forced to become innovative, starting their own business. Starting a business does need knowledge of how to do this. What is required? What are the tools? Which way to think? Where to start? And so it goes on.

Focussed – Positioned ‐ Confident
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