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A tragic love triangle between a Dutch farmer, a slave and a Khoeikhoe woman, set against the backdrop of slavery at the Cape during the late 18th century

MINI SERIES 4 x 48 minutes
Writer/Director: Johann Abrahams

This a poignant love story set against the backdrop of slavery at the Cape during the late 18th century.

The story unfolds through Rosetta, a young Khoi woman and Abel a slave, both growing up on a frontier farm in South Africa. Like most of the indigenous people they have become dependant on the colonists for survival.

Abel declares his undying love for Rosetta. His master, the farmer, however is captivated by Rosetta’s beauty. During the harvest festival Abel makes his intentions to marry the Rosetta. Unable to contain his desire his master rapes her in the barn. Abel finally discovers the secret, and his rage culminates in an assault on his master.

Abel is imprisonment on Robben Island. Meanwhile Rosetta is given to another farmer, Johannes Laubscher. Against her will she becomes his concubine and bears him two children.

Abel joins a rebel group and after several attempts they manage to escape from Robben Island. One of the boats capsizes, and some of the men drown. The rebels plan to attack and kill the farmers, march to the Cape and overthrow the government.

Abel and his group attack the Walters’ farm. Part of the rebellion was crushed and they decide to flee from the reach of the colonial government. A Dutch militia catches up with them. They battle it out, slave against master.

Abel wounded but manages to escape.

Rosetta and her children, at the behest of Johannes, are returned to his care. Abel is nursed to strength by a few (!Xam) Bushman women.

Rosetta settles down at a mission station and adopts Christianity and a new name, Benigna.

There is an attack on the vulnerable !Xam community where Abel was last seen.

Abel and Rosetta finally reunite but Abel is caught and sentenced to death.
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