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South African Culture and Heritage to be known to everybody on our Planet

  • To re-visit the past so as to educate the future
  • To promote and create awareness of African heritage and culture of Southern Africa to a global audience
Our OBJECTIVES are facilitating the ideas of our clients to bring to life their visions and achieve their required outcomes, based upon our mission they have to be adjusted as we go along.

         We are documentary and filmmakers with special focus on cultural local content. As from late 2009 On Set Film Productions special focus is on documentaries about the Khoekhoe of southern Africa, tracing their roots from Botswana to the south of Africa, Cape Town, and back up along the West Coast to Namibia. This begins to close the huge gap in the contemporary history of the Khoekhoe indigenous people. Lots have been done about the San/Bushmen but not the Khoekhoe.

Coming from different backgrounds but with plenty of common ground, it was inevitable that we should create, as associates, a unit with common goals. One of those goals is to bring new life to video productions across the board. From corporate to documentary, training to interactive, On Set is just that... the onset of a whole new way to look at production, whatever kind and as said ... with special focus on local cultural content.

Rudolf Rieger       Rudolf (Rudi) Rieger engages as Producer, Director and Writer of On Set Film Productions. His strength: Business (Mentoring), Project Management, Cultural Tourism, IT and the Visual Arts.
GO Events, Branding & Design
GO Photography
AIS The KhoeKhoeSaga
      The AIS documentary on the Khoekhoe of southern Africa is tracing the herders’ (and hunter/gatherers) roots from Botswana to Cape Town and back up along the West Coast to Namibia. With a grant from the National Lottery Commission of South Africa, Africa's Indigenous Survivors (AIS) its production commenced during 2017 with. Completion is aimed for May/June 2018.
National Lottery Commission ... NLC
AIS Documentary Slide Show
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