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The KhoeKhoe Saga  
The KhoeKhoe SagaSeite in deutsch

SERIES DOCUMENTARY 13 x 26 minutes
Director: Johann Abrahams

A Journey …

… from Botswana to Namibia, across the great Gariep into South Africa, to far flung culture rich communities like Wupperthal and Steinkopf.

Who are the Khoekhoe? Where did they come from, and where are they now?

It’s a quest for the naked truth behind the indigenous Khoekhoe nation.

The Khoekhoe survival story is told as a personal journey of discovery by our presenter - a descendant of the Khoekhoe – and his travelling companions in search of understanding the roots, history, identity, traditions, culture and contemporary living of our First People with focus on the Khoekhoe People. Remaining and partially surviving Khoekhoe communities across Southern Africa will be visited in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

This journey of discovery takes the audience to the land where Khoekhoe society originated.

On this journey they will listen to various indigenous voices echoing their community’s oral histories and contextualising in different narrative forms (story-telling, drama, poetry, music, dance, fine art and cuisine) their forgotten cultural practices, contemporary achievements as well as struggles for survival.

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Producer Rudolf Rieger spent more than ten years on visiting historical places, collecting related information, participates in Khoekhoe, Bushmen and traditional events, chief and royalty gatherings, is member of indigenous and tribal councils, attends progressive conferences, provides media and logistics support to defined tribes …

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